Brandon-COPsync, Participation at the CPCA Annual Meeting in Palm Springs, CA – A BIG HIT!

28 02 2013
law enforcement video

Charley Vlcek and Merek Weisensee in Palm Springs, CA

Brandon-COPsync, LLC participation at the California Police Chiefs Association Annual Meeting  – February 24 -28, 2013 in Palm Springs, CA a BIG HIT!

The Brandon-COPsync team – Charley Vlcek (Senior VP/COO), Merek Weisensee (CTO), and Don Flanagan (Managing Director) met with many of the most respected names in law enforcement discussing the Brandon-COPsync VIDTAC camera and the COPsync information sharing software platform.

According to Charley Vlcek, “the Brandon-COPsync exhibit managed by Merek Weisensee received more attention that 5 exhibits combined.”

“The introduction of the VIDTAC software-driven in-car  video drew immediate interest and received numerous quotes for purchases,” Vlcek added.

“I believe that the VIDTAC state of the art in-car camera video system will emerge very quickly as the new industry standard, and capture much if not all of the market,” stated Vlcek.

To learn more about VIDTAC and Brandon-COPsync, visit




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